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January 07 2018

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Lucio Fontana | Concetto spaziale, attesa

executed 1964
latex paint on canvas
46.00 x 38.00 cm

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Cady Noland, Corral Gates, 1989, metal, fabric, bullets, in two parts

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Metahaven, The Sprawl (Propaganda about Propaganda), 2015-16

January 04 2018

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505. Georges Candilis & Anja Blomstedt /// Hexacube /// Les Carrats, Port Leucate, France /// 1968-75

OfHouses presents “35, rue de Sèvres - part IV“:
Georges Candilis (Greek), 1 year: 1946.
(Source: astudejaoublie.blogspot.com.)

December 16 2017

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December 13 2017

To the south of Mexico City lies a vast extension of volcanic rock, arid, overwhelmed by the beauty of this landscape, I decided to create a series of gardens to humanize, without destroying, its magic. While walking along the lava crevices, under the shadow of imposing ramparts of live rock, I suddenly discovered, to my astonishment, small secret green valleys the shepherds call them “jewels” surrounded and enclosed by the most fantastic, capricious rock formations wrought on soft, melted rock by the onslaught of powerful prehistoric winds. The unexpected discovery of these “jewels” gave me a sensation similar to the one experienced when, having walked through a dark and narrow tunnel of the Alhambra, I suddenly emerged into the serene, silent and solitary “Patio of the Myrtles” hidden in the entrails of that ancient palace. Somehow I had the feeling that it enclosed what a perfect garden no matter its size should enclose: nothing less than the entire Universe.
— Luis Barragán, 1980 Laureate
Acceptance Speech, The Pritzker Architecture Prize (via inthenoosphere)

December 12 2017

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Fernando Mastrangelo, Radius console (2015)

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Monastery St Josef (1962-65) in Solothurn, Switzerland, by Werner Studer & Walter Stäuble

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December 08 2017

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Cady Noland, Corral Gates, 1989, metal, fabric, bullets, in two parts

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Scenes from Art Basel Miami BeachPhotos courtesy of Art Basel.

Sculpture is for the touch, painting is for the eye. I wanted to make a sculpture for the eye and a painting for the touch.
— Richard Artschwager (via quotemadness)
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Anni Albers in her weaving studio at Black Mountain College, 1937

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Hotel Cracovia,
Krakow, Poland.
Built in 1965
Architect: Witold Aleksander Cęckiewicz et al.
© BACU @_ba_cu
Map location:
Use the #SocialistModernism tag for the possibility to have your #SocHeritage shots featured. All information thus collected will be published on our website and included in an interactive map&data base under the name of the contributor.

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Walter Gropius, Dessau-Törten Housing, ca.1928.

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Erwin Wurm
Architecture, 2011
fabric, wood

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Francis Alÿs

Paradox of Praxis 1

(Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing)

Video, 4:49 min.

Mexico City, 1997

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Monochrome Painting IKB47 - Yves Klein (1956)

December 06 2017

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